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Types de métiers recherchés
» Management, direction générale
» Production, maintenance, qualité
» Aéronautique, navale
» Electricité, eau, gaz, nucléaire, énergie
» Equipements mécaniques, machines
» Industrie, production, fabrication, autres
» Ingénierie, études développement
Expérience professionnelle . Expérience > 10 ans
Expérience professionnelle: 
Construction Manger
Depuis 09.2021
CRUDE TANK REHABILITATION TK2&7 PROJECT-COMPANY SIRTE OIL SOC -CONTRACTOR JABEL OIL SERVICES JOS -LYBIA - Leading dedicated team at site Marsa El-Briga ( SOC ) to execute all Refurbishment works of two tanks TK2&7 On Oil storage tanks at Tank farm ( The work entail a totals replacement of the tank floor, annular ring, floating roof/seal, firefighting system, roller stair and associated equipment. In addition, to shell and spiral stair reparation) - Attend daily meeting for Permit issuance and HSE safety with Company Prior starting the Job. - Lead Project Construction Team to plan, Welding, Fabrication/erection of plates, Piping, Structural, Mechanical & E&I Equipment’s and items towards Construction Completion. - Manage submittal and approval of all project deliverables, Procedures and method statements. - Conduct Constructability work Shop and Risk Management presentations for project activities. - Conduct weekly Construction Meeting with Company concerned team and present status of progress, delivery, Engineering issues and any areas of concerns. - Manage and monitor project performance and progress on daily basis to identify concerns and opportunities early and anticipate course of actions. - Coordinate with Engineering, Procurement and Expeditors to Issue PO’s to approved Suppliers and Vendors and Follow up with Delivery schedule in weekly basis. - Coordinate with Engineering to prepare and submit required drawings and Procedures, TQ,MOC, rad mark drawings.
Construction Site Engineer
01.2021 - 08.2021
CRUDE TANK REHABILITATION TK2&7 PROJECT-COMPANY SIRTE OIL SOC -CONTRACTOR JABEL OIL SERVICES JOS -LYBIA - Providing technical support during Conceptual and Engineering phases of project ; Collection of Technical data related to mechanical, electrical/instrument and civil works from site, make a hand sketch of all existing system ;mechanical, Process, Electrical ,Instrument and Civil (such as dimension, UT, design and welding details of FF piping/ deck/Ponton/bottom/ annular ring/shell/rain water drain system/production water drain system/crude oil outlet and inlet piping/rolling stair and gauging platform/inlet& outlet valves platforms .Also drawn of PI&D of tow tanks all systems/ inst& elect devices (Radar, PV/RV, gauging hatch , Level indicator, automatic breather valves, mixer, CP, Earthing) and cable types dimension and routing/topographic survey/tanks and FF piping foundation dimension and details/ Tanks apron design and bottom slop,.. - Provide and create all Detailed Design and Procedures. - This work to entail a totals replacement of two tanks TK2&7 floor, annular ring, floating roof, firefighting system, roller stair and associated equipment. In addition of shell reparation and total repainting.
Mechanical Lead Engineer
Head Office Engineering department OMV TUNISIA
03.2020 - 12.2020
- Local discipline authority for Mechanical Engineering within the Projects & Development Department, providing technical - support during Conceptual Design, FEED, Bid/Tender Preparation & Evaluation, Detailed Design, Construction (including site activities), and Commissioning & Start-up activities for Static Equipment (Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks…etc.), Piping Design and Mechanical Layout, Metallurgy & Corrosion, and Pipelines disciplines, in addition to the day-to-day assistance to the other departments (Operations, Maintenance ...).
Mechanical Site Commissioning Engineer
Project Department OMV TUNISIA
11.2018 - 02.2020
GTP NAWARA GAS TREATMENT PLANT PROJECT IN GABES CITY -CONTRACTOR ABB/TDE -SUB CONTRACTOR CERI Ensuring continuous update of project completion database (ACS) following pre-com/commissioning activities.-Coordinate with the contractor; verify static & rotating equipment commissioning activities.-Closure and acceptance of punch list items allow dynamic commissioning.-Verify dynamic commissioning of Utility systems, ensuring systems function as per design& all relevant documents completed towards achieving RFSU.-Performed the RFSU system walk-downs handing over from Commissioning to Operations.- Ensuring that all the rotating equipment’s maintenance and preservation tasks performed as per the O&M Manual during the project phase.- Witness preparations and pre-start checks for Siemens Gas Turbine driven compressors, first fire, uncoupled running and- shutdown testing of the turbines on buy back gas.- Witness the preparations and pre-start checks for compressors; coupling installations, clean-up runs on buy back gas with commissioning strainers. -Witness of Turbine Start up and testing of safeguarding functions -Witness of Compressor; lube oil commissioning, mechanical run test (load test). -Oversee contractor commissioning team during dynamic commissioning of utilities systems and pre-commissioning of process systems, reviewing and planning the activities towards RFSU and Gas In.
Mechanical Site Construction Engineer
Project Department OMV TUNISIA
01.2017 - 10.2018
GTP NAWARA GAS TREATMENT PLANT PROJECT IN GABES CITY - CONTRACTOR ABB & TDE -SUB CONTRACTOR CERI - Supervision of all mechanical activities on site.- Daily/weekly reporting of mechanical activities and NCR creation.- Witness and ensure that all mechanical activities; pipe work, valves, vessels, tanks, towers, stacks, steel structure and piping support installation are compliant with project specification.- Ensure that rotating equipment’s such as gas turbines/compressors, air compressors and pumps installed, connected and inspected according to project specification.- Review and approve of isometric drawings red marks and mechanical SCR.- Perform the mechanical inspections ITR-A’s related to flanges bolts torquing /tensioning, steel structure positioning/bolts tightening, welding joints thermal treatment, final positioning of the process skids/towers/bullets, internal inspection of towers/ tanks/vessels and coating inspection. - Attend hydro testing activities - Supervise the observance of the worker protection and overall safety regulations, ensures safe execution of all mechanical activities; frequent checking of PTW, working method statement procedure, risk assessment, working with respect to safety, health and environmental procedures.
Site Construction Engineer
TPS Tyna Petroleum Service TUNISIA
01.2016 - 12.2016
CONSTRUCTION OF NEW PIPELINE FROM GUEBIBA &TANK BUTTERY TO CFTP PROJECT- 38 KM -CONTRACTOR AEC & PETRO-GAS - Supervision of Pipeline construction phases and the installation of pumping/metering/ pigging skids; - Clearing Right-of-way, trenching, stringing, bending, setup, ditch, welding, NDT, Coating, lowering in, final tie-ins, Partial backfilling, hydro-testing, Push/Pull, pigging (gaging, flashing, cleaning, dewatering, draining drying), purging, pressuring the system, - catholic protection system, foundations pouring, pigs-traps/pumps/metering-unit installation, shelters erection, - electrical/instrument devices/cable installation, piping interface tie-ins. - Ensure that all construction activities were done as per project specifications (SOW,QC Plans, WMS, JSA…). - Project progress daily/weekly/monthly reporting. - Interface management with operating facility (tie-in to storage tanks).
Mechanical Engineer
TPS Tyna Petroleum Service TUNISIA
10.2014 - 12.2015
• 1-GUEBIBA NEW WELLS HOOK UP PROJECT -CONTRACTOR SACNA - Supervision of concentric 8"x14" and normal 8" flow lines (Length: ~ 3 Km) construction activities, respectively for crude oil and production water, new wells interconnecting piping erection, production manifold installation. - Activities progress daily/ weekly/ monthly reporting. - Ensure that all activities are compliant with the project specification. • 2-GUEBIBA STATION TANK TA DISMANITLING -CONTRACTOR NASER SERVICE - Supervision of all dismantling activities of bolted tank (third party (TIC) recommendation). - Coordination with construction superintendent and contractor to perform a qualified job respecting all safety measures - (Scaffolding, shell/roof/bottom cutting, dismantling, and lifting, waste mobilization/ area rehabilitation). - Ensure that all project phases performed according to project specification (dismantling WMS, lifting plan, risk assessment, QA/QC documents, scaffolding method,).
Mechanical Engineer
TPS Tyna Petroleum Service TUNISIA
04.2014 - 09.2014
• 1-GAS VALORIZATION PROJECT AT GUEBIBA STATION -CONTRACTOR EMI FRANCE - Supervision of four CAPSTONE C1000 turbines installation activities (to reduce the gas flaring at two operation Stations (Guibiba &Tank Battery) and valorize flared gas to produce electricity). - Mechanical activities progress daily/weekly reporting. • 2-PROCESS AND FLARING IMPROVEMENT PROJECT AT GUEBIBA STATION -CONTRACTOR SOCOMONIN) - Supervision of new combined and More Elevated Flare system installation activities with associated Knock Out Drums & 2nd Stage Separator at Guebiba station site. - Mechanical activities progress daily/weekly reporting. • 3-TANK TB REFURBISHEMENT PROJECT-CONTRACTOR GLOBAL PAINTING - Supervision of refurbishment activities of old oil bolted tank to convert it into water storage tank (internal coating used a composite material). - Mechanical activities progress daily/weekly reporting.
Project Engineer
TPS Tyna Petroleum Service TUNISIA
01.2013 - 03.2014
- Review of SOW, preparation of bidder’s invitation letter, evaluation methodology, contractor’s technical and commercial - evaluation procedure. - Cordiant with the selected contractor concerning required documents with the necessary comments, especially; risk assessment, PID, Isometric, HARC, JSA, QA/QC documents, lifting plan, scaffolding method, pipeline installation procedure, PS, PQR, welding register, hydro test procedure, NDT used methods, pigging operations, coating/painting procedure, pre- commissioning and commissioning procedure, … - Used and practice a national and international codes/standard; NT109.01, NT109.02, API 5L, ASME 8, API 12B, ASME 31.1, API 650, API 653 and ASME 31.3.
Junior Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
01.2011 - 05.2013
I am through OMV three year’s Integrated Graduated Development IGD program” many class room trainings in Wien & Bucharest and many Internships in OMV different production fields” as a junior Mechanical Engineer and get an IGD certificate. • JAN 2013 TO OCT 2013: TPS OFFSHORE/ ONSHORE - Update the preventive action plan for the rotating equipment. - Update the failure categories of the rotating equipment. - follow preventive and corrective maintenance tasks. - Investigate the causes of exhaust temperature rise for CERCINA 2 generator. • OCT 2011 TO JAN 2013: OMV WAHA (ONSHORE) - Follow up the shutdown maintenance activities of four reciprocating gas lift compressors (ARIAL/KAYSAR) - Newly design of site chemical dosing units. - Collect SAP-PM Material master data from the production wells. • JAN TO OCT 2011: SEREPT (OFFSHORE) - Follow up of oil production process, production technologies and mechanical equipment’s.
Aeronautical Maintenance Engineer
09.2009 - 12.2010
Charged of maintenance engineer for two aircrafts A-320 “maintenance, navigability, documentation”; - Prepare the maintenance tasks (work cards / Job cards, work orders, SB, CN) using AMASIS Software in all respects and meets the CMAE and DGCA requirements. - Ensure accurate records of all checks, services and maintenance or repair-activities which created by Aviation Authorities. - Ensure retention of continued airworthiness records in accordance with the regulatory period (as described in the CAME) in a controlled and well-protected environment. - Follow the navigability program of aircraft used KEOPS software to prepare and issue work-packs for scheduled maintenance and modifications
• Leadership and Control/ Monitor project Progress and delivery. • Resolver of Construction engineering problems. • Persuasive, Communications and Reporting. • Risk management and Management of change • Constructability, HAZID and SIMOPs Studies and Presentations. • Planning & Execution of Modification and Shutdowns works. • Good knowledge of ACONEX. • Good knowledge of Navisworks. • Medium knowledge of SAP -PM. • Medium knowledge of MS Project. • Proficient in software: SOLID WORKS. • Good knowledge of MS Project Primavera • Good knowledge: CATIA, AUTO CAD. • Good command of computer software for calculating static and dynamic: ANSYS, RDM6. • Excellent command of Microsoft AMASIS, KEOPS (Aeronautical CAMO software). • Good knowledge of Operating System: Windows and C programming languages.
Formation . Bac+5 et plus
Ingenieure Mecanique
ENIM - Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Monastir
09.2006 - 07.2009
Mon deux premières années de la spécialité Génie Mécanique de l’ENIM assurent la formation de l'ingénieur polyvalent ayant le niveau de compétence minimal lui permettant d’intégrer tous les métiers de l’ingénieur en génie mécanique, dans tous les secteurs de l’industrie .Ma troisième année assure la sous-spécialisation dans la Systèmes Mécaniques Automatisés (S.M.A). A l'issue de cette formation, l'élève ingénieur sera mieux placé que les autres pour occuper le poste d’ingénieur bureau d'études dans le secteur de la fabrication des machines et des équipements industriels ; de responsable maintenance dans les divers secteurs industriels ; et d’ingénieur production dans les entreprises ayant des systèmes de production fortement automatisés.
Cycle de préparation d'étude d'ingénieur
IPEIN - Institut Préparatoire aux Etudes d'ingénieurs de Nabeul
09.2004 - 06.2006
Les enseignements sont dispensés sous forme de cours, de travaux dirigés, de travaux pratiques et de colles orales conformément au plan d'étude habilité par le ministère de tutelle. L'année universitaire est divisée en deux semestres et comporte : au moins trente (30) semaines d'enseignement en première année au moins vingt six (26) semaines d'enseignement en deuxième année. Les études sont soumises au contrôle continu des connaissances composé de tests écrits de devoirs surveillés et d'examens semestriels. Le redoublement dans les cycles préparatoires n'est autorisé qu'une seule fois, soit en première année, soit en deuxième année. Dans les cycles préparatoires, la présence des étudiants à tous les enseignements est obligatoire. Toute absence non justifiée est sanctionnée par un avertissement prononcé par le directeur de l'établissement. Trois avertissements conduisent à la comparution de l'intéressé devant le conseil de discipline de l'établissement.
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